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Mission Week

We have lots of stories of God at work through mission. Click below to watch, read or listen to the latest stories.


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We want to tell more stories of God at work across the world. Why not tell us your story


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There are many references to the compassion Jesus felt for others which prompted him to heal and restore others. We often think we need to have extra special gifts or skills in order to help other people in need but that’s not the case.


Across all our Premier platforms you can hear inspiring stories from ordinary people just like you who realise they have something to offer to others in need. In the October issue of Premier Christianity magazine, you will read stories from older and retired Christians who found they could use their life skills to help others in the United Kingdom and abroad.


Young people reflect on mission in their local communities which you can hear about by following Premier Youth and Children’s Work magazine. On Premier Christian Radio hear a wide range of real life testimonies from here and abroad including stories from American Christians doing mission near you, Christians who travel the world supporting others in remote parts to bring peace, and much needed help.


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