There are many references to the compassion Jesus felt for others which prompted him to heal and restore others. We often think we need to have extra special gifts or skills in order to help other people in need but that’s not the case.


Across all our Premier platforms you can hear inspiring stories from ordinary people just like you who realise they have something to offer to others in need. In the October issue of Premier Christianity magazine, you will read stories from older and retired Christians who found they could use their life skills to help others in the United Kingdom and abroad.


Young people reflect on mission in their local communities which you can hear about by following Premier Youth and Children’s Work magazine. On Premier Christian Radio hear a wide range of real life testimonies from here and abroad including stories from American Christians doing mission near you, Christians who travel the world supporting others in remote parts to bring peace, and much needed help.



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Arab World Ministry of Pioneers

Arab World Ministry of Pioneers seeks to share the gospel of Christ with Muslims of the Arab world wherever they may be found.

Our vision is to see Christ’s Church flourish among Arab peoples. We have been facilitating the local church in sending cross-cultural workers to the Arab world and Arab communities in Europe for more than 130 years.

We mobilise teams, together with other Pioneers offices, and equip them to glorify God among unreached peoples. These teams initiate church planting and discipleship movements in partnership with local churches.

AWM partners alongside those with a passion for God and a call to reach Arab Muslims. We place cross-cultural workers into existing church-planting teams or release them to start new teams.

Mission Direct

Join a two-week mission trip and help to build a school, medical clinic, home or safe house for those who are vulnerable and materially-poor. We work with projects owned and run by partners in the local communities, ensuring sustainability and avoiding dependency. Relays of teams go to serve with local builders for two weeks, continuing work of the previous team to completion, enabling us to commit to a long-term campaign. You'll also visit and assist other projects each afternoon and have a downtime excursion for a day or two to explore the country and reflect on your experience. We also run 3-day teams in the UK. Why not make 2020 your year to GO - you will go to help bring change, and will find yourselves changed too.
Choose from Brazil, Cambodia, Dominican Republic, Gambia, Kenya, Malawi, Moldova, Sierra Leone, Uganda, UK, Zambia or Zimbabwe.

Mercy Ships UK

2 out of 3 people worldwide do not have access to surgery when they need it. In Sub Saharan Africa 93% of the population do not have adequate access to healthcare. In Senegal, there are just 6.8 doctors for every 100,000 people (compared to the UK's 282). Due to extreme poverty and lack of healthcare infrastructure 18 million people die unnecessarily every year. That is more than die from HIV, Malaria and TB combined. This is a #GlobalSurgeryCrisis.
Mercy Ships is a faith-based organisation, following the 2000 year old model of Jesus. This international development charity deploys hospital ships to some of the poorest countries in the world, delivering vital, free healthcare to people in desperate need.
Mercy Ships provides free surgery, training and resources such as equipment and tools for those who desperately need it. Our volunteer crew, who live and work onboard the Africa Mercy, offer free, life-changing surgery for people living in West Africa and offer training for local healthcare professionals. By partnering with professionals in each country they work with there will be a lasting legacy left behind in the wake of the Africa Mercy, long after it leaves the shore.

Latin Link

We desire to see vibrant, Bible-believing Christian communities in every part of Latin America. Latin Link works in partnership with churches to send and receive individuals, families and teams, to or from Latin American communities, to share God's love.

Our members work with local Christians to meet diverse needs, from caring for street children, to training church leaders. We believe in holistic mission, in sharing the gospel by addressing both practical and spiritual needs.

We work through three inter-related programmes:
Step: Short-term teams for 2-16 weeks
Stride: Individual/family placements for 6-24 months
Stay: Longer-term placements longer than 2 years

Longer-term members are placed with a local church or project. They have time to become accustomed to the culture and form deep relationships, helping bring significant transformation to the community.

Short-term Step teams and Stride student placements are also carefully planned with the church or project, to ensure work is part of the long-term sustainable vision of local Christians. In this way, short-term mission can benefit the community and encourage the church, as well as impacting those that serve.

We believe allowing people to follow their heart to fulfil a calling is how God uses Latin Link to achieve His purposes.


Over 3 billion people remain totally unreached by the gospel, and over 75% of them live in Asia. They have no Bible, no local church and no Christian witness. We partner with indigenous church planters, evangelists and organisations to bring the good news of Jesus to unreached people groups and support the growth of the church across Asia.

Our projects range from church planting and leadership training to orphanages and disaster relief. Some of our partners distribute Bibles, whilst others rescue women from slavery. Some feed the hungry and some provide shelter for refugees. Through each project our partners long to make Jesus known and bring Him praise.

Closer to home, our ministry team speak at hundreds of churches and other groups every year, inspiring people to serve and support the work of our amazing partners.

People International

Sharing the good news of Jesus to the Turkic and Persian speaking peoples, encompassing an area stretching from Southern Russia to Pakistan and from Turkey across to north-west China. If we narrow it down to the former Soviet Union, we are really talking about the countries of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan - in which there are many unreached people groups. What unites these countries is that they are Muslim states run by post-communist regimes. God is working. Believers are persecuted. The church is young and needs support.

We are involved in sending missionaries, evangelism, discipleship, church planting, gospel media, translation and community projects. We also support the training of ethnic Central Asians for gospel ministry across Central Asia at the Eurasian Mission College in Tatarstan.

How can you get involved? Join our prayer news, book a speaker, join one of our GoLookSeeDo short term trips, view our mission opportunities, give, or use your bible teaching gifts in Central Asia!

Have you ever wondered what it is like to meet in secret as an underground church? 'Experience Underground Church' is an engaging simulation for small groups, student unions, and world mission events. We come to you.

International China Concern

International China Concern is a Christian development organisation dedicated to changing lives by bringing love, hope and opportunity to China's abandoned and disabled children. Since its founding in 1993, International China Concern has partnered with the Chinese government to develop social welfare services for China's most vulnerable children - the abandoned and disabled.

Our relationship with God is central to the work that we do. We trust in God's promises and provision, seeking to live in an intimate and growing relationship with him that is expressed through devotion, worship and prayer.

We are committed to enjoying healthy, supportive relationships within the teams. We recognise that each team is made up of individuals that are unique, yet who strive to create an atmosphere of unity and servant hood.

We are motivated to build positive, caring relationships with others in our community - our children and young adults, our staff and volunteers, and our neighbours.

We desire to create environments that foster the development of the whole person for China's abandoned and disabled - mentally, emotionally, socially, physically and spiritually.

We believe that each life is created and valued by God and deserves the opportunity to experience God's love and salvation.

Newbigin Community Trust

We are a Christian charity that aims to include people of all faiths and ethnicities. We believe that our neighbourhood is a better place when those people with the problems are supported in dealing with and coming up with solutions to those problems.

We value inclusion and participation by all, and we actively work at trying to connect with those who are often excluded from mainstream society .

We value asset based transformation- seeing the gifts that God has give to all those who live in this community and providing support so those gifts can be used and dreams come alive for the transformation of our neighbourhood.
To be dynamic and flexible enough to respond with others to the neighbourhood issues as they arise.

To see locally designed and run activities within the community.

To be part of the fabric of the neighbourhood, "doing things with our neighbours rather than to our neighbours".

To see the gifts and skills in others , even when they cant see them in themselves.

To see brokenness and struggle in the lives of people as an asset, not a barrier, to volunteering as people learn to use their experiences to help others.

To always put people first- over programs and funding.

To find new sustainable ways to see community support develop.
We long to see healthy and abundant neighbourhoods, where people can feel known, safe and encouraged.

We believe social isolation is the cause of much of the suffering in the UK and our purpose is to address this through various creative locally initiated activities.

We believe that social cohesions, and cross cultural and religious friendships are the key to reducing crime, addiction, and some mental health issues.

Our purpose is to do all we can to be Good neighbours- proving a communal gathering space where neighbours can meet across these barriers. Engaging in intergenerational activities, as well as age specific activities, and learning from each.

Newbigin House aims to model community for the neighbourhood, and allow all to come and be part of that.

Registered Charity Number 1170076

Dublin Christian Mission

The Dublin Christian Mission operates a homeless drop-in and resource centre called The Light House which provides meals, clothing, toiletries and various other services and most importantly friendship. Our community work includes after-school clubs, camps, outings and various other community outreaches for young people to seniors. We also operate a coffee shop called Taste & See Cafe and a food pantry. All of these activities are used as our connectors so that we can build relationships to open opportunities to share our faith and hope in Jesus. It has been our experience that personally getting to know our guests and service users and them knowing us nurtures wonderful friendships that can then be used to help individuals both practically and spiritual, knowing that what changes our lives is our relationship with Jesus.


Reaching The Arab World by Sending 10.000 Missionaries.

Our vision is to see the entire world reached. This will be accomplished by obeying Jesus and his command to go into ALL the world, preach the gospel to EVERY creature and make disciples of ALL nations. We believe it is necessary for the Body of Christ to more actively work together and share resources in order to fulfill the great commission.

We focus our efforts on the 300 Million Arab Muslims which is the core of the 1.7 Billion Muslims making up the majority of the unreached. The majority of the 3 Billion unreached people in this world are under the control of Islam, and the Arab World is the backbone of Islam. Millions of Arabs coming to faith will therefore change the world.

Our mission is to empower and challenge the Church in the North America, UK and Europe to send and financially support 10.000 Arab missionaries to preach the gospel and plant churches in the Arab World. We believe this will lead to seeing the whole world reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom established.


 Discover more stories... 

Street Pastors are groups of Christians who go into towns and cities on Friday and Saturday nights to offer support to the people coming out of pubs and clubs. They help them get home safely and provide water and assistance. Conrad Williams, 67, from east London, explains how he got involved

I became a Christian when I was 18. As a young man I was invited to church, and I went along to see girls...who I fancied and who I didn’t fancy. They always did an altar call at the end of a service, and one day I went up there. The next thing I knew, I was just different. Suddenly I saw the girls as sisters. They used the word “saved” at the time. It was a sweet feeling, that’s all I can say.

I’m the type of person who can’t sit still. The Lord uses us as we are, and I’m a ‘get up and go’ person. God blessed me with a voice. I talk a lot! I talk to everyone. I was in church and someone said: “I think Street Pastors might be for you,” so I went as an observer. Then I did the training and now I’m out there with them.

My intention is always to point someone to Jesus. We’re not going to preach to people, but they do ask us, “Why are you doing this? Are you making money from this?” And I say: “No, no, no.” I say, “Because something happened to me. He touched me. My life is changed, because I’ve met God.” It’s my opportunity to talk about Christ.

Some things you see on the streets are horrible and you shake your head. But Jesus died for these people, and as you get older I find you mature in love. You can love the unlovely.

I think age commands a respect. Seeing someone older generates a respect. When we go out, we pray: “Holy Spirit, work with me,” and I know he does.


You're never too old for mission

Six Christians who have spent part of their retirement volunteering with mission agencies share their stories of faith in Premier Christianity magazine, October issue. You can read one of the stories, and don't forget you can grab you free magazine copy from here..


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