5th - 13th October 2019 

Tune in to Premier Christian Radio, Premier Gospel and Premier Praise between Saturday 5 October- Sunday 13 October to hear about all things mission! We have stories of mission trips, mission charities, along with testimonies from long-term missionaries and how you can get involved in mission.


Pocket Wisdoms themed on Mission throughout October from Jason Stonier, Mechanics for Africa and Naomi Steinberg, CMS (Christian Mission Society) and regional stories. Tune in

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My Story My Song from Wise Women International, women rescued from prostitution tell their story.  Tune in 


Saturday, 5th October 



Dr Prabhu Singh, is Principal of the South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies  and has been leading the largest body of research into Christian movements in India, where the church is the fastest growing in the world even in the face of alarming religious animosity. He also revealed that nearly 90 percent of new believers in India are actively engaged in evangelism and that those who come to Christ primarily did so through a friend, family or mission worker.  It’s a challenge to UK churches that we need to not long preach the gospel in words but also in actions building relationships along the way.

9:24 and 9:45am

We will be speaking to Jason Stonier from Mechanics for Africa, a charity which teaches under-privileged Zambians to be motor vehicle mechanics.

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Sunday, 6th October 



Every year the Bangor Worldwide Missionary Convention is held in Northern Ireland.

The organisers believe it is unique as there is no other Convention like it in the United Kingdom.

With meetings held over eight days the convention seeks to promote and support world mission with speakers from across the world.

As part of Missions weeks we bring you some of the stories from the convention. (26mins)



Women on a Mission

Rachel Redeemed celebrates courageous passionate female missionaries being the hands and feet of Jesus around the world including a story from Kisa Emmanuael, pastor and missionary based in Uganda who shares his desire to share the Good news and the challenges he’s faced as a result.


 In a documentary Meet the Eubanks producer Heather Riley introduces us to a family living in the centre of radical mission work. They face physical danger and threat daily but bring the love of Jesus to families trapped by war 

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Monday, 7th October 


Talking to Compassion to a group who went to serve this Summer. They took on the challenge of activity to raise money and they met their sponsored child.


BMS World Mission is a Christian mission organisation, working in around 30 countries on four continents. From legal work to surgery, food projects to education, BMS works with local partners, providing help where it is most needed, among the most marginalised and least evangelised people in the world. Our regional correspondent Rachel Matthews, went along to their headquarters in Selly Oak in Birmingham to speak to Mark Ord, Director of Mission to find out about his own experience of being a missionary.


ROUND TABLE: The Great Commission tells us to go into all the world to preach the good news, but does that mean we should all get on a plane and head to remote regions where the Gospel has not been heard. Ministers Helen Roberts, Helena Croft and Sharlette Reid will answer this tough question.



Dr Ali Macenzie, went on mission with SIM - Serving in Mission-  20 years ago to Ethiopia- after finishing her degree.  Now, a student welfare officer at Cliff College and a mum of 2, our regional correspondent Rachel Matthews went to meet with Ali in Derbyshire and to find out about the impact it has had upon her life and if going on mission is something she hopes her boys will do too...


Tolulope Oke will be telling us about how and why she started her very own missions charity ‘Faithful With A Few’ which serves vulnerable and marginalised communities in Asia and Africa.

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Tuesday, 8th October 


We are going Wrestling. Talking to Gareth Angel who is outreaching to the Wrestling Community


Peter Radcliffe and his family moved to Paraguay in October 2014.

They went in obedience to a clear call from God and are bringing the love of Jesus to communities that have never heard the good news of the gospel.

Premier’s Northern Correspondent Ian Britton met up with Peter to learn what it meant to be a missionary in the 21st century.


Jenny Davies lives and works in South Sudan and Kenya managing Mission Aviation Fellowship’s flight programmes. What is it like to live in these countries and oversee the pilots bringing medical aid and the Gospel.



45 Lauren Goodrick is studying theology at Liverpool Hope University.

Before she went to University she took a gap year with Wearside Youth For Christ. Premier’s Northern Correspondent Ian Britton met up with Lauren to discover the difference taking a Gap Year had made.

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Wednesday, 9th October 


Darren is coming in to talk about the work in medical and on land with Mercy Ships


Birmingham City Mission - feature at a luncheon club, where members of community are 'on mission' with BCM to impact their local community


Hear Their Roar was founded in 2017 by Megan Tanner, a communication consultant, actress and foster carer. Megan started working as a foster carer in 2012 and over the years had seen unimaginable trauma in young people.



Michele Mahon and her family are serving in the amazon rainforest in Peru as part of BMS' long-term mission programme. Born in Nigeria but after moving to the UK Michele recognised the different between the UK and a developing country and wanted to  use  her skills and gifts that God has blessed her with overseas...


We’ll hear from volunteer Ian Richardson, who has been to Uganda with Mission Direct on multiple occasions with his wife and children.

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Thursday, 10th October 

8.00 a.m.

We imagine what’s like to live and work deliberately in a community. We talk to the Message Trust to those living on the Eden Project


We’ll hear Ian White’s personal story of setting up his own missional charity called Micah 6 8 missional organisation in the Middle East.

Friday, 11th October 

8.05 a.m.

He’s been to Kenya and worked in a hospital let’s hear from Peter Halestrap Mission Kijabe Hospital

8:40 a.m.  

Deborah Hancox, is from Cape Town in South Africa and works with organisations involved with community outreach. 

As part of a BMS World Mission conference, Deborah came over to Birmingham to share the lessons she has learnt about mission.

Our regional correspondent Rachel Matthews met up with Deborah ahead of her key note speech and asked Deborah about her own journey with God...



Gena Thomas - book 'separated at the border’


3:45 p.m.

For 26 year old Canadian Kara Beadle her journey to being part of mission organisation Operation Mobilisation began with a Short Term Mission Trip. Premier’s Northern Correspondent Ian Britton met up with Kara to discover why she thinks going on a Short Term Mission Trip is a good idea. 

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Saturday, 12th October 


Amblecote Christian Centre - feature with a group of young people, who are on 'mission week' in the Black Country transforming a back garden for a vunerable family



Play back – Listen back to inspirational organisations and individuals who have shared their remarkable journeys during missions week.

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Sunday, 13th October 

WAH For Baptist minister the Rev Jonathan Somerville his ministry in London today was shaped by going on a number of Short Term Mission Trips.He shared some of his experiences with Premiers Northern Correspondent Ian Britton.

Ellie Hadad, is the President of the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary in Beruit in Lebanon and recognised that people wthin his home country of Lebanon how people have pushed aside their historic animosity when Syrian refugees arrived on their doorstep.


Women on a Mission (repeat)

Rachel Redeemed celebrates courageous passionate female missionaries being the hands and feet of Jesus around the world including a story from Kisa Emmanuael, pastor and missionary based in Uganda who shares his desire to share the Good news and the challenges he’s faced as a result.

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